LBMS Engineering Skype events

Throughout the last 8 years this class has had some amazing skype conference with individuals outside the district and even in the district. The list includes Ms Ann Dill of Channel 8 morning news while she was an anchor down in Georgia; with Nir Pearlson, an award winning Architect from Oregon; with NASA Glenn engineers and mechanics in a round table discussion on how to improve the student’s Junior Solar Sprint cars; with the CEO of Slice Products, TJ Scimone where my students did some research experiments comparing Slice safety utility knives with conventional utility knives and then presenting it live to Mr. Scimone; and one memorable skype was with Mr. Nivellini a Boeing 737 pilot who walked around his plane and gave a running narrative.  Oh yea, and the LCCC teacher giving us the bird’s eye view of the inside of the CWRU Wind Turbine as he and his students were performing maintenance.

We’ve also had a number of student-to-student conferences.  Several were with WHS students in Mr. Kutz’s classes about architecture as well as my own LBMS students giving presentations of their home designs.  One time, we somehow got a professor from KSU to hear every single group from my classes giving presentations about their ‘small, passive solar home design’ and then he gave 5 minutes of wonderful feedback to each group.

To see some of these Skype sessions, which we usually recorded, go to my YouTube channel and in the playlist section, look for the LBMS Skypes.  Hope you enjoy.

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