STEM Class at Perry Middle School

Great things happening at Perry Middle School with teacher Mrs. Davidson.  Perry is a school that participates in the Northeast Regional Junior Solar Sprint race / KidWind Challenge and we are always inspired by her positivity and 100 mph energy level.

Here is Mrs. Davidson as she describes one of her projects.  It sounds awesome and we celebrate what the students at Perry are learning in her class

My Invention & Eng-inuity Convention is where all 210 of my STEM students are “showing what they know” in a public way…  5th and 6th are presenting their Invention Convention projects, 7th graders are racing CO2 dragsters and 8th graders are doing EV3 robotic challenge competitions.  It is utter chaos, and fun, and crazy…  So, its really a way for parents to see what their kids are doing

Mrs. Davidson also has a YouTube Channel which highlights some events and activities in her classes.  Check it out here

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