LBMS Engineering Brightness

May 30th, 2018

7th grade, 4th term students are working on prototype LED Lights for developing countries.  The project originated from a group of middle school students from a STEM school in Fort Collins, Colorado under media specialist Tracey Winey.  LBMS is just starting….and we have lots to learn.  Currently (pun intended), students work in groups of 4 to 5 and split their efforts between ‘product design’ and electronics.  The students must communicate with each other to coordinate design changes.

Cardboard prototypes and breadboard simulations are the name of the game at this point.  From Ohms law to figuring out how a breadboard is used to hot gluing and painting prototypes, students are busy as bees.

In a couple days, groups will have to make presentations before the class.  It’s a mad rush, but they seem up to it.  40 minutes per period is just NOT enough time.

😉  See pictures

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