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Future Earth Event – May 16th, 2019 at Cleveland State University

On Thursday, May 16th, LBMS students participated in three events at the 5th annual Future Earth Event. Finishing fourth place among 63 cars and 5 school districts was Mo Assad and Sammy Zayed’s Junior Solar Sprint car “Flash.”  In the KidWind Challenge, Brandon O’Malley and Zack Mayer’s wind turbine took first in the geared category while Ethan Roman and Mark Rennard took 2nd out of 27 turbines from 6 Northeast Ohio school districts.  In the non-geared category, LBMS 8th graders swept the competition: Chris Brown and Rory Nye took first place, Grace Gallagher and Katie Peacock took 2nd place, and Alyssa Carman and Iliana Santillo took 3rd place.  In a non-competitive event, LBMS students participated in a TEDTalk related to Earth Issues.  Sophia Jacono and Willa McCoy spoke on ‘Banning Plastics,” Megan Wacker and Ayla Sabbah did a speech on “Let’s Talk Renewable Energy”; Stella Davisson and Abby Sadd spoke on Pollution and Lorenzo Nivellini’s speech was on Recycling.

The Future Earth event is for Northeast Ohio middle school students only and focuses on inspiring students to choose careers in the STEM fields to design a more sustainable future.  This year’s event had 7 school districts and around 250 students.  CSU hosted the event and gave all students tours of the new engineering building.

See a video overview of the event.  Click here for one made by WHS students and click here for one made by Perry High School students

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