8th Grade Syllabus

Big Picture
Problem Solving / Design Process / STEM / Architecture / Robotics / Wind Turbine technology

The Numbers….

  • Class Length: 9 weeks
  • Frequency: Everyday for 40 minutes
  • Who: Students who are NOT taking full year foreign language or have have FL 1/2 year

What you will need for this class

  • Composition book
  • Pencil


1 Day: Rules, procedures, etc.


Duration: 2 to 3 weeks

Unit Instructional Page: https://thonnings.blog/architecture/ (steps and procedures)


  • Small home design
  • Sketching and designing a Floor plan with constraints in mind
  • Scale drawings / using the architect scale
  • Tools to build a scale model

Products: Labeled sketches, flow plans, online floor plan drafting, scale model


Duration: 2 to 3 weeks

Unit Instructional Page: https://thonnings.wikispaces.com/Wind


  • Researching one variable of blade design of wind turbines
  • Collecting data, creating tables/graphs, giving presentation and sharing knowledge
  • Use of tools, computer sensors, basic electronics,
  • Parts of wind turbines, renewable energy, electric distribution systems
  • Challenge – national competition where students design model wind turbines within constraints

Products: research turbine; challenge turbine – geared or non-geared

Robotics and Drones

Duration: 3 week

Unit Instructional Page: https://thonnings.blog/robotics/


  • Robotic basics and terminology
  • Basic programing
  • Challenges

Products: programming and running of robots to complete challenges

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