I am retiring. After June 11th, 2016, this site will no longer be updated as well as some/many of the links will become unavailable. Sometime this summer I will be taking the site offline. If you've been to this site and have used its resources in any way, I hope you've found it useful. My... Continue Reading →

The LBMS High Tunnel

Sure wish I would/could make time to do more with the LBMS High Tunnel!  It's been a great experience for many a middle school student over the past 6 years.  Maybe someday soon it'll be great again.... See pictures here

How to start a movement!

How to start a movement.  One of my favorite TED Talks.  This short TEDTalk always makes me thing about how culture changes.  Right now the world is in a midst of an energy transition.  Who starts that?  How do we get it going in the right direction?  How can we get kids involved?  I hope... Continue Reading →

TED Talks to Dover Students

TEDTalk on Plastics On Wednesday, May 29th, 7th grade students Willa McCoy and Sophia Jacono gave their TEDTalk presentation on Plastic pollution to Dover Elementary students.  Sophia and Willa on their own initiative volunteered their time to present to the younger students after participating in the Future Earth event at Cleveland State University earlier in... Continue Reading →

Future Earth

Future Earth Event - May 16th, 2019 at Cleveland State University On Thursday, May 16th, LBMS students participated in three events at the 5th annual Future Earth Event. Finishing fourth place among 63 cars and 5 school districts was Mo Assad and Sammy Zayed’s Junior Solar Sprint car “Flash.”  In the KidWind Challenge, Brandon O’Malley... Continue Reading →

Why are we studying wind turbines?

Yeah.  Why?  Can you add any words to the Wordle to answer this question?  Why is important at this point in human history?  How is it relevant to our society?  To our country?  To our world?  How to wind turbines signify energy transition?  

LBMS Engineering Brightness

May 30th, 2018 7th grade, 4th term students are working on prototype LED Lights for developing countries.  The project originated from a group of middle school students from a STEM school in Fort Collins, Colorado under media specialist Tracey Winey.  LBMS is just starting....and we have lots to learn.  Currently (pun intended), students work in... Continue Reading →

JSS Makes the Newspaper

Students from 7th and 8th grade going to the Future Earth Event on May 17th at the University of Akron were interviewed by a reporter from the local newspaper Westlife.  Represented were Taylor Finney, Sadie DeAngelo, Tyne Braatz, Stella Davisson, Niki Zhen, Ethan Drake, Michelle Ho, and Booke Evans. This event features middle school students... Continue Reading →

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