Drone Laws

Classroom Flight Procedures

Note:  All activities MUST be completed before your team starts flight operations.

  • Pre-flight:
    • Make sure drone is safe to fly.  All parts secure
    • Put on safety glasses and go to the flight area (hallway)
    • Check battery and insert correctly – step away 5 ft – announce to all your flight intentions (“We’re connecting”)
    • Check flight area for obstacle or people.  Do not fly or connect unless the area is secure
    • Follow connecting procedures (app on, connect to your specific drone number)
    • Complete an auto-up and immediately an auto-down to confirm you’ve connected to your own drone
  • Practice and Check Flights
    • No flying in the classroom.
    • Alternate flight with other groups within the flight area.
    • Make sure all team members get equal flight time
    • Make sure all team members are wearing appropriate eye safety gear
    • Practice and Check flight #1:  Auto-up / Auto-down
    • Practice and Check flight #2:  Required maneuvers
      • From point A to point B
      • Short course


  • There are multiple Parrot Mambo Fly drones in the class.  Make sure you have the APP downloaded and started.  Put the battery into the drone – most of the time, your phone will try to connect to your drone – or any drones that’s within 300 ft or so (could be 8 drones)
  • Click on CHANGE and the select your drone number
  • If you’re using the Flypad, click that button and follow the directions to connect.  See more instructions here
  • Troubleshooting:
    • If you’re having troubles connecting, take the battery out of the drone, turn your phone off, put the battery back into the drone, and then restart your phone


Classroom Battery Notes

  • If a battery is seems swollen or hot/warm to the touch – do not use.  Give to the teacher immediately
  • At the end of every class period, take the battery out of the drone and put into the orange “To Be Charged” storage container on the chalk tray.
  • If a battery runs out of power during a class period, immediately put the battery into the orange battery organizers on the chalk tray in the front of the room.  The batteries will be charged by the teacher for the next day.
  • Make sure the ‘arrow’ on the battery is up when putting the battery into the Mambo.  Use a spoon to ‘gently’ pry out the battery.

General Battery Notes

  • Do not recharge a discharged battery immediately after use. Wait about 20 minutes before charging it. In any case, if your battery is still warm, this is the sign that it must “rest” before recharging
  • To fully charge your battery, allow about 30 minutes.
  • If you are not using your battery, it must be stored correctly. First, never store a fully charged battery. Ideally, it should be stored with a charge of between 20 and 50%, in an environment between 40°F and 75°F that is ventilated and dry
  • The Parrot Mambo Fly drone has a LiPo battery.  (Lithium Polymer)  The LiPo has a lifetime of about 300 charge cycles, but it all depends on how you maintain your battery.
  • Several factors can significantly reduce the life of a battery.
    1. Never leave a battery charging for too long.
    2. Never fully discharge the batteries before recharging them.
    3. Never expose LiPo batteries to extreme temperatures.
  • To preserve your battery as much as possible, be sure to follow the advice below:
    • Never store a battery that is fully discharged
    • Charge your battery fully when using it for the first time
    • Do not charge a battery that is still warm
    • Recharge the battery after each use
    • Always carry your battery in a bag with fire protection
    • Always respect the charging time indicated in the instructions
    • Never use a swollen or damaged battery

Manuals / Instructions

Parrot Mambo for manual / for App

Dracon Ninja for manual  Drocon home

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