• To become aware of the role of drone technology and its impact on culture and society
  • To be able to safely operate a small drone using classroom guidelines, procedures and following state and federal law.
  • To create a simulated task that involves the drone

Method:  Working in groups of 2 to 4 students

Time:  3 days

GradingSee grading rubric

Simulation goal:

  1. Formulate and execute a plan that creatively simulates a task for the drone (current or made up)
    • Examples
      • Search and rescue of lost people
      • Surf rescue
      • Forest fire 
      • Medical drops 
  2. Simulation should last no longer than 3 minutes
  3. Props are to be included
  4. Simulation should demonstrate a coordinated effort using all team members
  5. Simulation will be done before a live audience, which may include community members
  6. Create a 2 to 4 minute presentation that accompanies the demonstration for an audience 
    • Demonstrate your knowledge of the major components, specific safety measures, and operation of your drone.
    • Apprise your audience on the basic laws of operating drones in America
    • Demonstrate your drone flying abilities thru your simulation (only one person needs to fly drone during simulation)

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