1. If you haven’t yet submitted data for your car, do so first.  Click here
  2. Make a name plate on a small scrap of paper with:Your printed first and last names
    • Your period designator
    • The weight of the car
    • The gear ratio
    • The best race time you got
  3. Take the name plate and have the teacher take a picture of your car.
  4. If you your car is going onto the semi-finals to compete for going to the Northeast Regional Race, use a sharpy to put your names and period designator somewhere ‘clearly’ on your car
  5. If your car is not going on, take your car apart, putting materials in 3 piles:  Recycle, Reuse, and Waste.  Put your name plate next to the piles and ask for a picture to be taken.
  6. You will be given permission to put away all reusable materials in the parts storage container, recycle materials, and throw away waste.
  7. If you have 15 to 20 minutes left in the class, take the JSS End of Activity Survey


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