News-Hyland Offering “Girls in ICT Day”

Local software company Hyland is offering an event on Saturday, April 28th for local girls interested in possibly pursuing careers in information and communication technologies. "The Girls in ICT Day initiative is a global effort to encourage girls and young women to consider studies and careers in the information and communication technologies (ICT) field. Sign... Continue Reading →


The Architecture unit is one of the most difficult activities 8th graders do in this class.  First they research small, passive solar homes, then they sketch  ideas for floor plans, draft a plan on, and finally, with a group of students, build a 1/4" scale model of their design.   See photos  The most enjoyable... Continue Reading →

LBMS Engineering Skype events

Throughout the last 8 years this class has had some amazing skype conference with individuals outside the district and even in the district. The list includes Ms Ann Dill of Channel 8 morning news while she was an anchor down in Georgia; with Nir Pearlson, an award winning Architect from Oregon; with NASA Glenn engineers... Continue Reading →

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