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Sun Angle Quadrant Activity

Worksheet: SunAngleQuadrant.pdf

Highest Temperature Activity

Pizza Box Ovens

  • Activity 1: building the pizza box oven|
  • Activity 2: prepare for cooking

  • Activity 3: gathering information
    • On your wikipages, define the following terms and create hyperlinks to the sites that you found the information
      • Solar Gain, Insulation, passive solar, thermal mass
    • Describe what energy conversion is happening to get the oven to work
  • Activity 4: Testing
    • Take your pizza box oven out to the courtyard along with a labquest and sensor. Simulate using/aiming your oven all the while observing and collecting in your comp book temperatures reached. Your goal is to get the highest temperature possible.
    • After testing, make changes / alterations if needed to improve your oven
  • Activity 5: Cooking
    • Set out your oven as quickly as you can at the beginning of the period or even before. Make sure you aim correctly. Take an ambient temperature reading and note that in your comp book.
    • While things are cooking, monitor the temperature. You are to record the highest temperature you reached up on your wikipage, along with the beginning ambient temperature
    • Make note of the angle of your reflector flap and put on your wikipage.
    • Take 1 to 5 pictures of the oven and the results. Put pictures up on your wiki. Resize and caption
    • Eat, then cleanup
  • Activity 6: End of activity
    • Make sure you have on your wiki: Title, ambient temperature, highest temperature, angle of your reflector flap, and 1 to 5 pictures (resized, captioned)
    • Complete the evaluation form (see your main wikipage for your period)

Thermal Solar Links


  • Battery University
    Plenty of information about all kinds of batteries. Especially scroll down the page to the series and parallel circuit sections

Dovetail Solar Presentation

  • PowerPoint


Solar End of Unit Activity

  • Solar and Circuits Test

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