Robotics-Challenge #1

Challenge #1

Challenge:  Using teamwork, to program the robot to go precisely go forward, backward, and turns

Time:  1 to 2 periods

Goal:  See diagram below.  Your challenge is to program your basic bot using the Lego Mindstorms software to go from the tape at the start (1), travel to the circle (2), do three 360 degree turns within the circle (3), travel backwards to be within the rectangle (4), turn and end with your bot’s main wheels touching the tape.  Obtain extra credit points for doing a smooth, gentle turn to the smaller area.

Grading Rubric 

25 Pts: For completing the challenge (team grade)

  • All steps must be completed for points to be awarded
  • 3 points will be subtracted each time the bot’s wheels go outside the outer walls of any constraint
  • 7 points will be subtracted if the bot has more than 2 wheels goes outside of the boundaries of the constraint or completely miss the constraint.

25 pts: Individual Effort towards completion of goal (individually graded)

  • Observable participation
  • Observable full use of available class time
  • Observed appropriate communication/interaction with team members
  • Keeping kit organized at all times
  • Following directions

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