Task: Get your robot to get as far as you can through the maze.

Two types of robots may compete in the contest:

A non-tactile type, meaning the robot cannot physically contact the wall while navigating the maze. (You’d use forward/turn controls with measured distances)

  • Distance:  Program your robot to go forward and turn through the maze.  Measure distances with the metric rule.
  • Ultrasonic Sensor   Click here for programming tips

Tactile-sensor type, meaning that the robot must use physical contact with the walls as the only means of navigating the maze. The robot must touch the wall for each turn.

Grading: 50 pts

(25 pts maze/25 pts individual effort)

A: 2 pts
B: 4 pts
C: 6 pts
D: 8 pts
E: 10 pts
F: 12 pts
G: 14 pts
H: 16 pts
I: 18 pts
J: 20 pts
K: 22 pts
L: 24 pts
M: 26 pts
N: 28 pts
O: 30 pts