To experience hands-on basic robotic systems and programming

Essential Questions:

  1. How can/will robotic technology impact our future in a positive way?
  2. What are the required components, factors and skills to build a functioning robot?
  3. How to program a robot to perform autonomous tasks?
  4. How to use problem solving step to adapt to errors, mistakes, or faulty equipment

Work ExpectationsProblemSolvingStepsSM

  • Students are expected to gently use the robots and related equipment.
  • Cleanup and organize all robots and parts – every period
  • Groups will use only their assigned robots


A:  Slide show

B:  Assignments

  • Break/get assigned into teams of 2 students;  Get assigned a laptop, a brick/battery, kit.  See GC for form (example)
  • Discuss work (Class discussion) and cleanup procedures (see Google Classroom)

C:  Getting to know the EV3 Brick

D:  Build the EV3 Driving Base

E: Intro to EV3 Programming

  • Watch overview movie on programming.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: If your brick is not recognized by the laptop, keeping the brick plugged into the laptop (wired), turn the brick off and then on again. Give this a minute or so….if this doesn’t work, unplug the USB cord and plug back in
    • Wireless:  If you wish to take the time to try wireless bluetooth, click here  for instructions   Note that not all laptops are bluetooth enabled
  • Complete frequency chart and turn in to GC assignment page

F:  Challenges (see other web pages)