Purpose: To realize the concept of one’s thoughts and how it can be communicated to others better though the use of a sketch or drawing

Purpose of Sketching

The following website covers a lot of great points about the importance of sketching, especially as it pertains to the Design Process, a set of procedures engineers, designers, architects…use to help come up with the best design to solve a problem or need.  Read the page and follow up with a class discussion

Sketching ‘Rules’

  • Sketch quickly!
  • The sketch is not to scale
  • Perfection is less important than being neat and simple
  • Make it proportional

Activity 1: Orthographic Views

IMG orthographic example
Example 3-View Orthographic sketch

Having trouble? Think you CAN’T sketch these?

Activity 2: Isometric Views

Activity 3: Adding Dimensions to the Isometric blocksimgBlocksWithDimensions

  • Lecture: Explanation and purpose
  • Task:  Using correct dimensioning guidelines, measure the ‘actual’ dimensions asked for in the link below.  Do this with your group, making sure everyone has the same dimensions. Put those dimensions on one of your best isometric sketches in your composition book
  • Click here for dimensions of blocks #1, #2, and #3

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